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Procuring great talent and creating a viable, organic concept around them is our sweet spot and what we do best. Our broad production and development experience allows us to see projects through from start to finish. We seamlessly connect vetted characters, stories and concepts with the best production company partners and networks. We are passionate about connecting great characters and their stories with the rest of the world.


Having our roots  in the south has given us a unique vantage point and access to hidden faces and places that only a detective, fugitive or true southerner would ever have the pleasure of stumbling upon. We do love the south but we love finding a great story more than anything! We have produced and cast all genres and demographics and in every social circle and every situation imaginable and we love it! 





So, in a nutshell, Vintage South develops an idea from concept to cast to sizzle reel and anything in between!

Vintage South Productions is a full service casting, development and podcast production company based in Orlando, Florida. Whether it's reality television, digital programming, commercial and print advertising or podcasting, we know great characters and stories are the heartbeat of any project. A good story transcends the medium and storytelling is our passion.


For years we successfully navigated projects through casting, development and production under a production company umbrella. Realizing we made a great team, we decided to combine our strengths and unfortunately our weaknesses, which include: uncontrollable and inappropriate laughter, truck stop shopping, any food or beverage with the word “ultimate” in front of it, and Vintage South Productions was created. As both television producers and casting veterans, we find characters that are uninhibited, relatable, fun to watch, sustainable and capable of clearing a background check…that’s talent my friends.

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